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School Council

Northcote's School Council is made up of children from Y1 to Y6.


The school council's aim is to collect the views of children around the school, and discuss ways to make Northcote an even better place.


We meet regularly to discuss issues like bullying, keeping ourselves safe, and what we'd like to improve around the school.


Tuesday 15th November 2016

Our School Council met to receive their official badges, and we talked about what we loved about Northcote, and what we'd like to change. The great things about our school are; seeing our friends after the weekend, the teachers, Fishy Friday, having a nice space to go to at lunchtime (drop-in club) and the after school clubs!

The children also said there were things we could improve in school; some would like harder work and some would like it to be easier! 



One of our first meetings this year