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ALL CLUBS ARE REGISTERED WITH THE      AND REGULAR ATTENDANCE WILL LEAD TO YOUR CHILD “GRADUATING” IN THE SUMMER TERM.  If your child attends any clubs outside of school then you can gain credits; if the club is registered with the Children's University.  To check if your child's club is registered check here.  Credits can also be gained from venue's across Liverpool a full list is here 





Our approach to extra-curricular activities is simple: we aim to provide the children with as many opportunities as possible to engage in high quality activities beyond the usual classroom timetable.

As a result, our timetable has to be flexible and changes are often made, so please keep up to date by accessing this page and looking at the newsletter.

Please ensure you arrive promptly at the end of your child's club. Unfortunately persistent lateness  in picking your child up will result in your child loosing their place.

If your child is required to wear a sports kit for their club and they do not have it on the day, they will not be allowed to attend the club and should be collected from school at normal finishing time.



Details of Funding for School Sports


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