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Here at Northcote we take maths very seriously, however we always have lots of fun when we are learning.  Mrs Foden is the maths co-ordinator.  From nursery through to year 6 we learn through interesting lessons, problem solving, practical activities and our teachers always ensure the right amount of challenge.  


This year we are working towards the Liverpool Counts Quality Mark (LCQM). 


Liverpool Counts is based on the successful model of Liverpool: City of Readers and aims to raise standards in numeracy and mathematics by changing attitudes and perceptions through the delivery of the Liverpool Counts quality mark and the promotion of the importance of numeracy as a life skill through business links and cultural opportunities.

The agreed priorities of Liverpool Counts are as follows:

  • To raise standards in mathematics and numeracy with fun and joy of number at the heart of all aspects of the strategy
  • To challenge perceptions and change attitudes towards number and mathematics
  • To raise the profile of numeracy through a range of activities, events and resources with an emphasis on the application to real life contexts
  • To bring relevance to numeracy through problem solving set in local contexts
  • To enhance the delivery of the new national curriculum at all key stages and the early years foundation stage
  • To secure a shared understanding between the phases of education with an agreed common mathematical language and transition projects
  • To promote the use of technology to engage learners
  • To involve parents and the local business and cultural communities
  • To creating a sustainable legacy of a love of numbers

Look out for all the fun activities that we will be running this year alongside our already excellent maths provision in school.  Watch out for this logo:

Image result for LCQM logo
From year 1 - year 6 children learn their multiplication tables and trickier division facts through completeing 'assertive mentoring tables system'  We are all aiming to achieve up to 12X12 by the end of year 5.  


What our pupils think about maths, 'I like maths because.....;

'I like to work out sum and problems' - Niamh, Y2

'I can do divides and they are really hard' - Lewis, Y3

'I'm good at it and I can use methods that Miss shows me' - Luisa, Y4

'I love to add and subtract numbers' - Ella, Y4

'I'm good at it and I get to work with big numbers' - Daisy, Y5

'It's fun and I can learn at the same time' - Jack, Y5

'I'm good at it and it makes me happy' - Louis, Y6

'I want to be a science teacher and I think that you need to be good at maths to be a good science teacher' - Alfie, Y6

'We do interesting tasks and learn new things everyday' - Ella, Y6

Below are the yearly overviews - showing the different topics covered by all year groups in maths.  Please speak to your child's teacher or myself (Mrs Foden) if you need any extra information on how you could support your child at home. 


The yearly overviews are subject to change throughout the year and will be informed by how well the children are mastering each topic. 

Multiplication tables - It is so important for our children to learn their multiplication tables.  Please encourage and support your children with learning their multiplication tables.  Here are our expectations for children for the next school year:



Year group

Multiplication tables they should know

Year 1

10, 2

Year 2

2, 5, 10, 3

Year 3

2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6

Year 4

2, 5, 10, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9

Year 5

All multiplication tables and related division facts

Year 6

All multiplication tables and related division facts

Our budding mathematicians in the EYFS

Designing our own TV guide, using 24 hour time

Exploring number, shape and pattern in EYFS