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Games Console Safety

Games Console safety features


On the PlayStation 3 ® guardians can set security levels to restrict access to games depending on age ratings. DVD and Blu-ray movies can also be blocked completely.

To set security levels:

1. To set game level, from the Main menu scroll across using the to settings and then down to Security Settings. Press  to select.

2. Scroll down to Parental Controls and press .

3. Enter your PIN Number then press  (the default PIN Number if you have not previously changed is 0000).

4. Select required Security Level by scrolling from Off to Levels 1-11. Press  to confirm.

5. The following settings provide a guide corresponding with PEGI ratings:

2- PEGI 3+ 3 – PEGI 7+ 5- 5- PEGI 12+ 7 - PEGI 16+ 9- PEGI 18+

6. The PIN can be changed from the Security Settings menu.



The XBOX 306® allows you to restrict access to games depending on a game’s age classification. You can also add a timer, restricting just how long each day or weeks your children can play.

1. From the Main menu scroll across to the System Tab on the

right using

2. Scroll down to the second option on this tab. Family Settings and press the A button to select.

3. Scroll on Console Controls and press A.

4. Enter you 4 digit pass code (if you haven’t previously set a pass code you will need to set one on the Control Consoles menu by selecting Set Pass Code).

5. Scroll to Games Ratings and press A

6. Now scroll to the age rating you wish to apply and press A. Users will be able to play games up to but not over this rating.

To limit games played by time:

1. Scroll to Family Timer, and on the Console Controls menu press A.

2. Scroll up and down to choose daily or weekly limits and press A.

3. Then scroll to the time bar  45 minutes and to set usage time in minutes.

4. Scroll down to Continue and press A. Exit and save the settings by scrolling down to Done and press A. When you are asked if you wish to save the settings, scroll to Yes, save changes and press A