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Class 4

 It is sadly the end of the school year. cool

We want to say a huge thank you to all the children for working so hard since last September. crying 

We hope you have a fun, safe and sunny summer break. laugh

Please help your child to continue to read and write during the next 7 weeks. It will be well worth it and help them to have a smoother start into Year 2.

We have sent home a Maths workbook and a reading &comprehension workbook. These can be marked by you and reward your child as you see fit.

We have also sent home 3 reading books for each child. Please return these in September.

Thank you for all your support, Mrs Kinsella, Mrs Birch and Miss Hamill

We enjoyed the sun with our own Northcote Beach

Crosby Beach Trip

We all enjoyed the short trip to Little Crosby Village and the beach.

First our driver took us through the village where we counted how many traffic lights, shops and houses we could see (zero, one and thirty).

We noticed the materials the buildings were made from (mostly slate, stone, glass and wood) and talked about which materials are man-made and which are natural.

Then we drove to the beach and parked near the coast guard station.

Here we made large scale beach art, in the style of Andy Goldsworthy's natural materials work. Some of us worked together. 

I wonder if the art work is still there?

Finally, we made sets of natural and man-made materials from the beach. The bus took us all the way back to school.



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KS1 Champions!

KS1 Champions! 1
KS1 Champions! 2
KS1 Champions! 3
KS1 Champions! 4
KS1 Champions! 5
KS1 Champions! 6
KS1 Champions! 7
KS1 Champions! 8
KS1 Champions! 9
KS1 Champions! 10


This final half term we will be focusing on stories in fantasy settings in Literacy. Our children have been working hard writing some super adjectives about their imaginary characters. They have designed their own fantasy setting and are going to be writing their own story booklet which they will bring home to share with you. Notice how they can present their work and now use adjectives and conjunctions in their writing.


A huge well done to the children in the class who have recently moved up reading bands and thank you to the parents who read with their child every night.  It is essential that your child reads frequently. Reading helps them progress in their writing, spelling and range of vocabulary. As you are aware, the end of year target is to read at Orange level. Lots of children have already achieved this and some have even passed this level and are reading Turquiose and Purple level.


In Maths we are doubling, halving, adding, subtracting, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and using numbers to 100. You can help by practising all these elements at home.


Our Science topic is 'Materials' and we are focusing on their properties, testing, classifying them and recognising their uses.


Monday is games day and Tuesday is P.E in the hall. Please leave kits in school because no kit means no P.E. and no games activities.


Dance and Multisports clubs are continuing after school on Thursdays. 




Preparing for our Reading Pod

Preparing for our Reading Pod 1 Eshal made a list of favourite books.
Preparing for our Reading Pod 2 Ellis drew the design shape for the pod.
Preparing for our Reading Pod 3 Here is the completed book list.

Our class Scientist is Professor Jane Francis

Science Week

Science Week 1 A torch to find the way in.
Science Week 2
Science Week 3 We took turns to go in the dark den.
Science Week 4 We lit the dark den.
Science Week 5 Here is a lantern for our group to see by.
Science Week 6 We use torches to light up the room.
Science Week 7 We played night and day with a torch.
Science Week 8 It was dark by the dark den.
Science Week 9
Science Week 10 Our scientists prepared for the experiment.
Science Week 11 Scientists gave their predictions.
Science Week 12 I know what's in the balloon!

Year 1 Maths Yearly Plan Sept 2014