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Class 3

Fun in the sun at our Northcote Beach

Crosby Beach Trip

We all enjoyed the short trip to Little Crosby Village and the beach.

First our driver took us through the village where we counted how many traffic lights, shops and houses we could see (zero, one and thirty).

We noticed the materials the buildings were made from (mostly slate, stone, glass and wood) and talked about which materials are man-made and which are natural.

Then we drove to the beach and parked near the coast guard station.

Here we made large scale beach art, in the style of Andy Goldsworthy's natural materials work. Some of us worked together. 

I wonder if the art work is still there?

Finally, we made sets of natural and man-made materials from the beach. The bus took us all the way back to school.

KS1 Champions!

KS1 Champions! 1
KS1 Champions! 2
KS1 Champions! 3
KS1 Champions! 4
KS1 Champions! 5
KS1 Champions! 6
KS1 Champions! 7
KS1 Champions! 8
KS1 Champions! 9
KS1 Champions! 10

Happy New Year 2015!


A huge well done to the children in the class who have recently moved up reading bands and Thank you to the parents who read with their child every night.  It is essential that your child reads frequently. Reading helps them progress in their writing, spelling and range of vocabulary. 


In Spring term we have working on our Poetry in Class 3. We were able to produce a poem as a class about a Mole. Our aim was to include WOW words and invent actions to perform the poem.  In the next few weeks we will be looking at instructions.


Our Science work has been based on light/dark. Children had to list objects/things that are related to light/dark. Also, they were very pleased to visit the Dark Den!


Monday is games day and Tuesday is P.E in the hall. Please leave kits in school because no kit means no P.E. and no games activities! 


Dance and Multisports clubs are continuing after school on Thursdays.


We have a trip booked for a visit to Liverpool City Centre on Friday 16th of January. We  ensure to have a fantastic morning learning new information about the Liverpool. 


Our class science experiment

Year 1 Maths Yearly Plan Sept 2014