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Class 13

Class 13


Welcome to Class 13! Our teacher is Mr Hayes and our Learning Support Assistant is Mr Newton. We are looking forward to a very exciting Year in Year 6, with lots of things to fit in! As a Year 6 team, we will look to challenge the children throughout the year, ensuring they are prepared for their SATS well in advance of their exams. As well as our SATs, there are lots of other great things to look forward to, including our residential to Barnstondale (see our archived page from last year for some of our photos).


Important information for parents

We expect your child to have their diary in and signed every day in year 6.

English and maths homework are set weekly and due in on a Friday.

Children have the option to attend homework club on both homework nights from 3.30pm till 4pm. Teaching staff will be available to assist the children and ensure progress is made throughout the year for each child. It is our recommendation that your child attends homework club to ensure they complete homework to their highest standard and that they can leave it in school, completed for the next day.


PE and Games days:

- Games is every Friday

- PE is every Wednesday


Children are made aware of the importance of having PE kit for both lessons. If children do not have the appropriate kit, they are unable to participate fully in the lesson and therefore after curricular clubs will not be accessible to children who don't participate in lessons. We appreciate sometimes there are difficulties for children to have full PE kits and we do have spare kits to lend to the children in such circumstances.


Please see our curriculum pages for more information about what your child will be learning in the different areas of the curriculum this year.


If parents or carers ever want to discuss anything regarding their child's happiness and/or progress, Mr Newton or myself will always be happy to help ensure your child gets the best attention they deserve. We also check diaries daily, so can address any concerns you may have in this way, if you do not get chance to catch us!


Thank you for all your support, we look forward to a great year, one which we have no doubt will fly by!


Mr Hayes and Mr Newton

Class 13 Reading Champions

Class 13 Reading Champions 1
Class 13 Reading Champions 2

Class 13 love to read

Class 13 love to read 1
Class 13 love to read 2
Class 13 love to read 3

Week 1

The children of class 13 have made a great start to Year 6, getting to know their new teacher and considering class rules for making this year as great as possible.

The children responded to a letter from Mr Hayes, introducing himself, with their own letter explaining what makes them the person they are. The children did a great job and I already know a lot more about them.


Week 2

Our first full week in school and the children of class 13 have made a fantastic start to Year 6. On Wednesday we had our very first Gymnastics session with Megan from 'Gym Stars', learning all about how we can move and use space in a controlled way.

What a great job the children did.

Gym Stars

Week 3

This week Prince William visited Walton Library to see all the great things happening in our community. The year 6 children of Northcote Primary were all lucky enough to visit the library and catch a glimpse of William as he arrived. Furthermore, some of the children were able to have a chat with him as he passed by, with one child even managing to receive a fist pump from the Prince.

Prince William

Week 4

In Science we have been focusing on our topic 'living things', considering how we can separate animals into different categories using classification keys. In their science groups, the children had to produce a classification key together and create questions to help separate the animals based upon their features. Some of the questions created were fantastic and it was lovely to see how well the children adapted to the ideas of others.

Classification Keys

Classification Keys 1
Classification Keys 2
Classification Keys 3
Classification Keys 4
Classification Keys 5
Classification Keys 6
Classification Keys 7
Classification Keys 8


In Maths Mr Hayes' set have been working extremely hard at algebra; using reasoning and logic skills to attempt questions. In groups the children were given tasks which really tested their reasoning skills. Although the questions were difficult and encouraged a lot of debate between the children, it was lovely to see how positive towards the questions they were.

Problem solving

Anderson Shelters

Linked to our History topic of WW2 this term, we have been focusing on considering the importance of Anderson Shelters to people during wartime. In Design and Technology we are currently designing and planning our own Anderson Shelters; considering what materials were used and what we could use in our designs.

This week, we looked at ways we could create a solid structure, capable of standing alone. Here is our results. Pretty good!

Shelter structures

Week 5

In History we further developed our understanding of WW2 by considering evacuation and the effects it had upon people. We looked at how the government managed to persuade parents to evacuate their children by using Propaganda Posters, and what an evacuee would take with them.

This lesson was particularly important as it showed the children what it truly means to be a Historian (being a detective and piecing information together). They had to look through the contents of the suitcase and guess who it belonged to.

An evacuee suitcase

Anderson Shelters

We finally were able to make our Anderson Shelters after a detailed planning process. The classroom was a mess, but the results were great!

Making our shelters

Making our shelters 1
Making our shelters 2
Making our shelters 3
Making our shelters 4
Making our shelters 5
Making our shelters 6
Making our shelters 7
Making our shelters 8


Our focus in games is currently Handball. The children have been learning lots of new skills: Considering spacial awareness; playing passes; the importance of communication; and above all else, what it means to work as a team.

Week 6

This week the children finished their Anderson Shelters and considered writing a play-script in English. Using a scene from Mr Hayes' favourite film, 'Back to the Future', we began to make a play-script. We had great fun making our group plays-cripts and even more fun acting in front of each other.

Roads? Where we're going we don't need...roads.

Finished Anderson Shelters

Finished Anderson Shelters 1
Finished Anderson Shelters 2
Finished Anderson Shelters 3
Finished Anderson Shelters 4
Finished Anderson Shelters 5
Finished Anderson Shelters 6
Finished Anderson Shelters 7
Finished Anderson Shelters 8
Finished Anderson Shelters 9
Finished Anderson Shelters 10
Finished Anderson Shelters 11
Finished Anderson Shelters 12